Trying to get back into the swing…

I have been away from the blog again…unfortunately, I had another modem crash and getting to other locations to borrow internet service has not been easy to come by. On top of that, I have also had phone issues. I used to get excellent signal strength at my home and now I get none. Very frustrating stuff for a deaf parent who depends on technology to maintain communication connections with the outside! Due to my internet being down, it also meant that my home phone was down (I use a Caption Call and also a Video Phone and both require connection to the internet to work). So between all things internet and my cell phone, the only connection I had was with people I saw in the course of my day. Very difficult way to live, and took me back to my high school days when none of this existed and all my friends were making phone calls and I felt left out. I reflected on how this affects my parenting and it affects it a great deal. For example, last night, my daughter was emotional due to some relationship issues with several people and as a mother, I tend to check up on my kids after they’ve experienced difficulty to be sure they’re okay. I had to leave my home and go elsewhere just to get signal on my phone to text my daughter and make sure she was okay today. I feel so disconnected from my kids. I have no idea what I would do if this were a nationwide thing not as simple as a modem replacement to fix. I imagine people with the ability to hear would just pick up a landline and make a phone call. Deaf parents would be in for a shock today if that were to happen, and I often wonder if hearing kids would take advantage or if they would be just as frustrated they couldn’t reach their parents as easily. 

I guess this tends to happen to almost everybody from time to time. I think of military families separated by the call of duty and sent to remote areas with no access to telecommunications for a period of time. They certainly understand how I have been feeling these last 2 weeks! 🙂 

If anyone out there is aware of advancements and technology that might benefit someone in my shoes, shoot me a message (or comment here). I’d like to be prepared in case I ever face this disconnection again! Also, I believe usually when one is prepared is when one never needs to be prepared…get it? 🙂 

Will post some stuff I found before my modem died when I can get back on my own computer where everything is bookmarked!!! I also need to add my twitter link to this page. Lots to share coming soon as I can get back into the swing…


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