Playing Catchup!

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog and I apologize. Sometimes this funny thing called “life” happens and blogs get put on the back burner until issues can be dealt with. My life has not been uninteresting, but this blog is not designed to be all about me and my personal daily struggles, so I’ll put THAT on the back burner.

I WILL state, however, that deaf parents of hearing children seem to have to work twice as hard to get things done without relying on their children to communicate for them. I avoid asking my children to make phone calls or pass along communication on my behalf, instead choosing to keep the power order intact. I am the parent and they are the children. They should be coming to me for help, not vice-versa. My oldest two kids are now out of the house and there are times they’ll notice an issue and offer to help, but I rarely, if ever, ask for their help. I will accept offers, but I will not ask. Instead, I ask my own parents. Weird, huh? 

I have come across some hearing children who seem to be in an authority position over their parents based on the fact their ears “work” better than the parents ears. This is a risque situation. I believe when parents ask their kids to make phone calls for them, exchange messages, fetch things, they are putting the child in a delicate position. Some kids may take advantage of that and resort to telling their parents what to do. Others will just be uncomfortable and try to avoid being around at all. I think as a deaf parent, showing my children that I can do it myself, regardless of struggle teaches them that there is no excuse to not get something done, obstacles or not.

My home issues are underfoot now, and this is Spring Break week, which for me has evolved into Spring Cleaning week, but part of that “cleaning” is to catch up on things in general (like this blog) and work on Facebook, twitter, Google +, and other social media sites. That’s right. Before long, you’ll find links to connect with me right here on the blog so you won’t miss a thing!

Stay tuned…


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