Information Overload

The internet is a source of information overload if nothing else! Ever try to do a search on one specific thing only to garner an infinite number of results? For someone trying to grab information quickly, it can be a pain in the behind, but for those who thought they were isolated in their interest/dilemma/issue, it can be a blessing or even a life-saver knowing you are not alone.

I came across a well-written article on a blog on parenting in general and maybe considering the nature of my own blog, it should come as no surprise it was written by a deaf parent. She shares the same concerns I had when I held my firstborn. Will my child resent me eventually for being different than his friends’ mothers? Will there be more-than-normal difficulties along the way of parenthood with my deafness? Can I even do this successfully? Will my child thrive? 

This blogger, like myself, discovered there is no one-size-fits-all method to parenting, even for hearing parents with hearing children. Therefore, the fact that some in the home are deaf while others are hearing becomes a non-issue. 

Love when I find someone who has somehow gotten into my mind and posted about it! Or maybe I should be scared? 🙂

The blog can be found at this link. Have at it! 🙂 


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