Another CODA success

Came across some interesting articles while doing standard research for an upcoming summer workshop. Funny how you can be searching for something not related to your blog and all kinds of blog-worthy links pop up in the process. It’s kind of like my computer knows what I do and adjusts accordingly thinking everything I do is centered around that one thing when, in reality, I’m a person with many interests. 

A Chicagoland actress admits to being the daughter of deaf parents and speaks about her challenges growing up. Interesting stuff. If you’re interested in viewing the article, it can be found here

I love reading about how people take their everyday challenges and turn them into something positive…such as how many children of deaf adults grow up to become some of the most skilled interpreters or advocates for disability rights, how some grow up to become entertainers, drawing from their childhood experiences to make us all laugh, and even how some just become likable people because of their tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of others who are different than themselves. 

Some of my readers have no connection with people who have grown up with deaf parents, but I’m sure all of us can at least think of one person who grew up with unique challenges who made the most of it later in life. Any stories out there? Share!



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