Chicago Tribune Article

I came across this article written by Blair Mishleau when doing some general research. It applies to communication concerns of deaf parents with hearing children. I love this quote: “Being a parent of a Child of Deaf Adult, or CODA, can be a lesson in patience, love and creativity.”
Read the full article here.

What do you think are some challenges/differences these families face that families where all participants are deaf or all participants are hearing may not?


2 thoughts on “Chicago Tribune Article

  1. duanepool says:

    What a lovely article! It seems that we all get life lessons through some form, because I am a hearing person, I do not have to worry about not hearing a rude remark being made to a family member, yet by the same token, my fears are much different because of my own unique situation, and they are ones that others don’t contend with. Good to have a deeper understanding of what challenges this person is facing, and we all get challenges it seems! I loved the end quote, recommending to sign “ILY!” often!

  2. lkanukolanu says:

    Great article. The insight shared by the parents in this article could be applied to all families- hearing or not. Raising kids with open mind, not discriminating people who are not like us, free hugs all day, building trust are all great advise.

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